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taken from ravishinglover

First job: N/A
First screen name: Soulfly262
First self purchased CD: Guns N' Roses
First funeral: N/A
First piercing/tattoo: N/A
First credit card: when I was 15
First true love: Never had a "true love"
First enemy: Donnie Ulch in second grade

Last big car ride: To Cleveland for Kill Hannah
Last kiss: Yana
Last library book checked out: I buy books
Last movie seen: Notting Hill (tv) Eurotrip (Theatre)
Last beverage drank: Gatorade
Last food consumed: cold pizza
Last phone call: Nick Swartz
Last CD played: IMA Robot
Last annoyance: Adam Smith wanting a ride home from school.
Last soda drank: I dont drink soda
Last ice cream eaten: Strawberry
Last time scolded: I dont know
Last shirt worn: Atticus t-shirt and Audio Karate hoodie
Last website visited:
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