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Today was perfect! There's just no other way to describe it.

I went to the SV/CCHS jv baseball game with Yana, Gabe, and Brian. After 2 or so innings it got too cold to sit outside so we went to Mcdonalds, ate off the dollar menu. We stopped at Meijer and I jacked a 4-pack of gum and air fresheners for my car. Next we went to Lowes. I walked out with a converter that I can plug into my car and will allow me to plug in like a computer or tv, etc. We ended up going to my house and grabbed my 4ft black light strip and duct tape. We taped the black light strip to the ceiling of my van and it was sweeet. It wasn't dark enough though so we had to wait till night. Afterwards we took Brian and Gabe home and Yana and I went to my house and watched Fight Club together. A few hours later it was getting darker and Gabe had called and wanted to go drive around and smoke. We picked him up and then went and got Brian and a couple other guys. I didn't let Yana smoke tonight because she told me not to let her and I didn't smoke either. The black light is too amazing for my van. It's soooo crazy. The guys in the back who were smoking really liked it. Yana calls my van the "weed wagon" now. An hour later we were still driving and Brian had to go back to a party he was at. We dropped him off and Gabe, Yana, and I went to Mcdonalds again and got more food. It had been like 7 hours tho since our last stop. Went back to my house and watched the first 30-40 mins of Pulp Fiction and then I had to take Gabe home. I took Gabe home and then came home. Yana is still grounded but her mom and step dad were in Detroit all day playing "match maker" with her cousin or something, so she got to stay out with me all day. It was so nice dude. She is so fun to be around.

Tomorrow my dad and sister are going to Akron to look at Kent State University. They'll be gone till Tuesday. I'm taking my dad's turbo charged Volvo convertable to Yana's softball game tomorrow at Bowsher. It's going to be so sweet, I cannot resist driving that fine automobile. My van is cool too for a van, I mean it's got a black light strip on the ceiling and a flashing stop light. No one will ever suspect a white mini van in anything.

But yeah, today was such a good day. Tomorrow will be nice too and maybe Yana's mom will let go out again which would again make tomorrow another perfect day.
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