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Well spring break is finally here. I know a ton of people who are leaving to either Florida or some other warm spot. I'm not going anywhere. The only bad thing about this break is that alot of my friends are leaving and I won't be able to see Yana for like 12 days since she is grounded and her mom won't let her out over break. I took her into Stone Oak after school for awhile and let her drive around looking at the huge amazing houses. She's getting pretty good at driving for 15. I'm gonna miss hanging out with her over break. But I have other friends who are still here that I haven't seen in some time. I don't think this break will be all that bad, I just wish I got to spend more time with her and stuff. She said her mom might decide to let her out but she doesn't think so. Her mom is a really strict Russian woman, no joke. I'm hanging out with Merrit after he gets off work tonight and Caity wanted to do something soon. There are some good shows coming up over break. Fall Out Boy/Mest is on Thursday and Steel Train is next Saturday.

Mike's wrist is feeling better and we're practicing at 5:00. That was really good news to hear. I'm so happy we're practicing today. My bass lesson Saturday has been post-poned to Wednesday. That sucks.
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You should take me to Fall Out Boy. Ha.
haha I should :) Meet me at the border.
If I could drive, I would. ha.
You will soon! I'll probably go up to Canada over break. I wish I was cool enough to go to Toronto.
I might. I need $$$ for it though :/
I do that too much except its called stealing and it's getting too risky. I could ask my dad and see what he says.
haha, sweet deal.
When is your spring break?
Already had it in March.
damn. well, I'll let u know if I go up there or not online.
I wish I was cool enough to get a Spring Break.
It'll come sooner or later ;)
Matchbook Romance! is playing too :)
MR I wanna go!