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Just got home from school. 1 more day till spring break. My mom left for Vancouver this morning. She's going there for business. Last week my dad was in California for business. I'm jealous of both of them. I'm not going anywhere for spring break and if I do it'll be Chicago with my dad to check out the Institute of Art.

I had to take Vanessa Wright home today. She's in my second period class and I never knew she lived right around the corner from me. Weird. I saw Sean's article of Hearsay in the school newspaper. I think he did a pretty good job on what he wanted to say and there's alot of things I agree/disagree on but thats productive criticism and it was done nicely.

There's no band practice today anymore because Mike sprained his wrist at work today. He just called me and told me. He said it should be better by Saturday so we're shooting for that. Fuck.
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